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NIST-1650bDiesel particulate matter - PAHs and nitro-PAHs200 mg
NIST-1975Diesel particulate extract - PAHs4 x 1,2 mL
NIST-2975Diesel particulate matter - PAHs1 g
AP-METRANAL-17Quality control material - Set of three environmental samples (soil, sewage sludge, fly ash) for the determination of mercury from solid samples3 x 15 g
BCR-490Fly ash - Dioxins and furans30 g
BCR-615Fly ash - Dioxins and furans50 g
NIST-2787Fine particulate matter (smaller 10 µm)1 bottle
NIST-2786Fine particulate matter (smaller 4 µm)1 bottle