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NIST-2781Domestic sludge - Metals40 g
NIST-2782Industrial sludge - Leachable and total metals70 g
AP-CRM-CZ-70006PCDD, PCDF and toxic PCB in sewage sludge of mixed origin60 g
AP-METRANAL-6Quality control material - Sewage sludge 1 (metals)60 g
AP-METRANAL-17Quality control material - Set of three environmental samples (soil, sewage sludge, fly ash) for the determination of mercury from solid samples3 x 15 g
AP-METRANAL-20Quality control material - Sewage sludge SS-02 (PAH, PCB, metals)40 g
RTC-CRM018-50GWet Sewage Sludge - Trace Metals50 g
RTC-CRM029-50GSewage Sludge 2 - Trace Metals50 g
RTC-CRM031-40GDomestic Sewage Sludge 3 - Trace Metals40 g
RTC-CRM055-50GSewage Sludge 4 - Trace Metals50 g
RTC-CRM401-225GSludge 1 - TCLP Semi-Volatiles225 g
RTC-SQC001S-50GSewage sludge - Metals (for analysis by AA or ICP methods)50 g
BCR-143RSewage sludge amended soil - Major and trace elements40 g
BCR-145RSewage sludge (mixed origin) - Trace elements40 g
BCR-146RSewage sludge (industrial origin) - Trace elements40 g
BCR-483Sewage sludge amended soil - Extractable trace elements70 g
BCR-484Sewage sludge amended (terra rossa) soil - Extractable trace elements70 g
BCR-597Sewage sludge - Chromium (+18 degrees)40 g
BCR-677Sewage sludge - PCDD/PCDFs40 g
ERM-CC136Sewage sludge - Extractable and total metals25 g
LGC6181Sewage sludge - Extractable metals100 g
LGC6182Sewage sludge - PAHs30 g
LGC6184Sewage sludge - PCBs30 g
LM-VKI-QC-SEWAGE-SLUDGE-BSludge (domestic origin) - Pb, Cd, Cr, Cu, Hg, Ni, Zn, K, TN, TP, GT100 g
LM-VKI-QC-OC-in-Municipal-Sludge-1Sludge (Municipal sludge) - PAH, DEHP, LAS, NPEapprox. 100 g
LM-VKI-QC-OC-in-Municipal-Sludge-5Sludge (Municipal sludge) - PAH, DEHP, LAS, NPE5 x approx. 100 g
LM-VKI-ED-in-Municipal-SludgeSludge (Municipal sludge) - DEHP, NPE100 g
SCP-140-025-011Sewage sludge (EnviroMAT TM)50 g
RC-E-1617-GSewage sludge - Elements50 g