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NIST-1544Diet composite - Fatty acids and cholesterol4 x 15 g
NIST-1548aTypical diet - Trace elementsset (2)
NIST-1849aInfant/Adult nutritional powder (milk) - Trace elements, proximates and nutrients (dry ice shipment)10 packets x 10 g each
NIST-2377Fatty acid methyl esters in 2,2,4-trimethylpentane5 x 1,2 mL ampoules
NIST-2383aBaby Food Composite -Water-Soluble Vitamins, Elements4 x 70 g
NIST-2384Baking chocolate - Fat, fatty acids - Dry ice shipment5 x 91 g
NIST-2387Peanut butter - Fat, fatty acids, trace elements and tocopherol3 x 170 g
NIST-3246Ginkgo biloba - Flavonoids, terpene , actones, elements5 X 3 g
NIST-3247Ginkgo biloba ext - Flavonoids, terpene , actones, elements5 x 1 g
NIST-3248Ginkgo-containing tablets - Flavonoids aglycones, terpene lactones5 x 1 g
NIST-3251Serenoa repens extract - Phytosterols, fatty acids,1 mL x 5 ampoules
NIST-3274Botanical oils - Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids4 x 1,2 mL
NIST-3275Fish oil - Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids2 ampoules x 1,2 ml
NIST-3278Edible oils - Tocopherols5 x 1 mL
NIST-3280Multivitamin/Multielement tablets30 tablets x 5 bottles
BCR-191Brown bread - Trace elements40 g
ERM-BD272Crispbread - Acrylamide68 g
ERM-BD274Rusk - Acrylamide48 g
ERM-BD518Bran breakfast cereal - Dietary fibre25 g
LGC7016Chocolate confectionery15 g
LGC7017Sugar confectionery - Sugars15 g
LGC7103Sweet digestive biscuit - Proximates and elements48 g
LGC7105Rice pudding - Proximates and elements200 g
LGC7107Madeira cake - Proximates160 g
NIST-3233Fortified Breakfast Cereal60 g
ERM-BC720T-2 and HT-2 toxin in oat flakes94 g
ERM-BD272+274Crispbread - Acrylamide, Rusk - Acrylamideset
NIST-1845aWhole Egg Powder - Proximates, fatty acids, cholesterol, vitamins, elements, and amino acids5 pouches x 10 g each
NIST-3252Protein Drink Mix - Proximates, fatty acids, cholesterol, vitamins, elements, and amino acids5 pouches x 10 g each
NIES-27Typical Japanese Diet18 g
MUVA-SeDLG-11Infant food - SENSORY ISO 22935 - without deviation1 sample 1 x 80 g
MUVA-SeDLG-12Infant food - SENSORY ISO 22935 - with deviation1 sample 1 x 80 g