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NRC-CRM 8414Bovine muscle powder - Major, minor, and trace constituent elements25 g
NIST-1577cBovine liver - Trace elements20 g
BCR-163Beef/pork fat blend - Fatty acids2 ampoules
BCR-185RBovine liver - Trace elements15 g
BCR-411Bovine muscle - Diethylstilbestrol5 g
BCR-412Bovine muscle - Diethylstilbestrol5 g
BCR-444Porcine muscle - Chloramphenicol (blank)7 g
BCR-445Porcine muscle - Chloramphenicol (positive)7 g
BCR-474/475Bovine liver - Trenboloneset
BCR-487Pig liver - Vitamins15 g
BCR-598Cod liver oil - Organochlorine pesticides5 g
BCR-648-9Bovine liver - Clenbuterolset
BCR-673Bovine eye (reconstituted) - Clenbuterol (blank)vial
BCR-674Bovine eye (reconstituted) - Clenbuterol (positive)vial
BCR-695Pig liver - Chlortetracyclinevial
BCR-696Pig liver - Chlortetracyclinevial
BCR-697Pig muscle - Chlortetracyclinevial
BCR-706Pig kidney - Chlortetracyclinevial
BCR-707Pig Kidney - Chlortetracycline (CTC)5 g
ERM-BB124Pork muscle - Nitroimidazoles10 g
ERM-BB130Pork muscle - Chloramphenicolbottle
ERM-BB184Bovine muscle - Trace elements7 g
ERM-BB186Pig kidney - Trace elements10 g
ERM-BB384Pork muscle - Proximates and essential elements2 vials
ERM-BB430Pork fat - Organochlorine pesticides5 g
ERM-BB444Pork fat - PCBs (blank)5 g
ERM-BB445Pork fat - PCBs (low level)5 g
ERM-BB446Pork fat - PCB (high level)5 g
ERM-BB501Processed meat - Proximates, chloride, nitrate, hydroxyproline50 g
LGC7220Horse meat (100%)10 g
LGC7221Beef (100%)10 g
LGC7222Pork (100%)10 g
LGC7240Horse meat (1%) in beefset
LGC7241Horse meat (10%) in beefset
LGC7242Pork (1%) in beefset
LGC7243Pork (10%) in beefset
NCS ZC71001Beef Liver25 g
NCS ZC73016Chicken35 g
NCS ZC73035Pork liver35 g
NIST-1546aMeat homogenate - Nutrients4 x 85 g
NRC-BOVM-1Bovine Muscle Certified Reference Material25 g
MUVA-BR-1003Boiled Sausage (Liver Sausage)125 g
MUVA-BR-1004Boiled Sausage (Lyoner)125 g
MUVA-SeD-04Boiled sausage - SENSORY TRIANGLE TEST3 x 200 g
MUVA-SeD-05Boiled sausage - SENSORY TRIANGLE TEST3 x 200 g