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BCR-063RSkimmed milk powder - Major and trace elements50 g
BCR-122Margarine - Vitamins200 g
BCR-187Natural milk powder - Pesticides20 g
BCR-188Milk powder (spiked) - Pesticides20 g
BCR-380RWhole milk powder - Major nutrients100 g
BCR-450Natural milk powder - PCBs20 g
BCR-528Bacillus cereus in milk powder10 capsules
BCR-599Ewes'/Goats' curd - Adulteration with cows' milkset(2)
BCR-607Natural spray dried milk powder - PCDDs and PCDFs100 g
BCR-632Butter fat - cholesterol and triglyceride2 ampoules
BCR-633Anhydrous butter fat - Tracersampoule
BCR-685Skimmed milk powder - Major nutrients50 g
ERM-BB492-3Partially skimmed milk powder - Oxytetracyclineset
ERM-BD282Whole milk powder - Aflatoxin M1 (zero level), Mycotoxin30 g
ERM-BD283Whole milk powder - Aflatoxin M1 (low level), Mycotoxin30 g
ERM-BD284Whole milk powder - Aflatoxin M1 (high level), Mycotoxin30 g
ERM-BD600Whole milk powder - Vitamins (dry ice shipment)100 g
NIST-1549aWhole Milk Powder - Proximates, fatty acids, cholesterol, vitamins, elements, and amino acids5 pouches x 10 g
LGC7104Sterilised cream - Proximates and nutrient elements170 g
MUVA-MP-0206Milk powder, spray dried, mixed80 g
MUVA-MO-0611Whey powder70 g
MUVA-NEM-1602Minerals / Trace Elements (Dietary Supplement)50 g
MUVA-KM-0509Evaporated Milk 4 % fat410 g
MUVA-BU-1309Sweet Cream Butter250 g
MUVA-S-0813Nut-Nougat-Cream100 g
MUVA-MP-0208Whole milk powder, roller dried80 g
ERM-BD150Skimmed mild powder - Element content20 g
ERM-BD151Skimmed milk powder - Element content20 g
MUVA-S-0814Whole Milk Chocolate100 g
MUVA-S-0815Whole Milk Chocolate100 g
MUVA-MBK-1716Curd Powdereach
MUVA-MBK-1717Hard Cheese, freeze?driedeach
MUVA-FK-1215Fresh Cheese200 g
MUVA-MO-0612Whey powder70 g
BCR-519Anhydrous butter fat - Triglyceride and free cholesterol5 mL
MUVA-SK-0312Processed cheese 55 % f.i.d.m.250 g
MUVA-NEM-1605Minerals / Trace Elements (Infant Food)50 g
MUVA-MP-0210Milk powder, spray dried80 g
MUVA-MP-0211Cream powder, roller dried80 g
MUVA-MP-0212Skimmed milk powder, spray dried80 g
MUVA-KI-1105Carbohydrates / Vitamins (Infant Food)80 g
MUVA-KI-1106Carbohydrates / Vitamins (Infant Food)80 g
MUVA-FM-2103Fatty acid composition (in spray dried whole milk powder)80 g
MUVA-MO-0613Whey powder70 g
MUVA-CA-0904Sodium Caseinate50 g
MUVA-MPK-0903Whey protein concentrate80 g
MUVA-M-0134UHT milk, 1,5 % fat (sterilized)250 mL
MUVA-M-0135UHT milk, 3,5 % fat (sterilized)200 mL
MUVA-MA-2403UHT?Milk (frozen)40 mL
MUVA-MA-2404UHT?Milk (frozen)40 mL
MUVA-ML-2305UHT?Milk (Laktose?reduced)100 mL
MUVA-ML-2306UHT?Milk (Laktose?reduced)100 mL
MUVA-MAP-2504UHT?Milk (frozen)40 mL
MUVA-RO-0735Shock frozen raw milkmind. 40 mL
MUVA-RO-0740Shock frozen raw milkmind. 40 mL
MUVA-RO-0741Shock frozen raw milkmind. 40 mL
MUVA-KM-0512Coffee Cream 10 % fat100 mL
MUVA-KM-0513Evaporated Milk 8% fat170 g
MUVA-R-0430UHT?Cream 30 %100 mL
MUVA-R-0431UHT?Cream 30 % Lactose?reduced100 mL
MUVA-R-0432UHT?Cream 38 %100 mL
MUVA-YO-1417Joghurt 1,8%500 g
MUVA-YO-1418Joghurt 3,8%500 g
MUVA-FK-1218Fresh Cheese200 g
MUVA-FK-1219Fresh Cheese 18% F.i.Tr.200 g
MUVA-FK-1220Fresh Cheese200 g
MUVA-BU-1310Mild acid, salty Butter250 g
MUVA-BU-1311Mild acid Butter250 g
MUVA-SK-0313Processed cheese 40 % f.i.d.m.250 g
MUVA-HA-1511Hard cheese (type Parmesan)100 g
MUVA-HAP-2501Hard cheese (freeze dried)20 g
MUVA-HAP-2502Hard cheese (freeze dried)20 g
MUVA-HAP-2503Hard cheese (freeze dried)20 g
MUVA-FS-1913Apple Juice with Patulinca. 150 mL
MUVA-FS-1914Grape Juiceca. 200 mL
MUVA-SeRF-06Boiled sausage -SENSORY RANK ORDER – TASTE4 x 200 g
MUVA-SeRF-07Strawberry milk -SENSORY RANK ORDER – TASTE4 x 200 mL
MUVA-SeRF-08Banana milk - SENSORY RANK ORDER – TASTE4 x 200 mL
MUVA-SeASet for rank order with determination of an flavour -Solution of flavour (e.g. eugenol, lemon, orange, strawberry, cinnamon etc.)4 x 10 mL
MUVA-SeDLG-09Vanilla milk - SENSORY ISO 22935 - without deviation1 x 200 mL
MUVA-SeDLG-10Vanilla milk - SENSORY ISO 22935 - with deviation1 x 200 mL
MUVA-MBK-1718Hard Cheese, freeze?driedeach
MUVA-MBK-1719Milk drink, strawberryeach
MUVA-MBK-1720Milk drink, vanillaeach