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NIST-154cTitanium dioxide - Purity90 g
NIST-2569Lead Paint Films for Children's Products8 sheets
NIST-2570Lead paint film (white/blank) - Lead (Nominal 1 film
NIST-2571Lead paint film (yellow) - Lead (Nominal 3.5 mg/cm2)1 +blank
NIST-2572Lead paint film (orange) - Lead (Nominal 1.6 mg/cm2)1 +blank
NIST-2573Lead paint film (red) - Lead ( Nominal 1.0 mg/cm2)1 +blank
NIST-2574Lead paint film (gold) - Lead (Nominal 0.7 mg/cm2)1 +blank
NIST-2575Lead paint film (green) - Lead (Nominal 0.3 mg/cm2)1 +blank
NIST-2576Lead paint film (blue) - Lead (Nominal 5.6 mg/cm2)1 +blank
NIST-2579aSet of six lead paint films (NIST-2570 - NIST-2575) - Leadset (6)
NIST-2580Powdered paint - Lead (Nominal 4% Lead)30 g
NIST-2581Powdered paint - Lead (Nominal 0.5 % Lead)35 g
NIST-2582Powdered paint - Lead20 g
NIST-2586Soil containing lead from paint - Trace elements55 g
NIST-2587Soil containing lead from paint - Trace elements55 g
NIST-2589Powdered paint - Lead35 g
RTC-CRM013-50GPaint Chips - Trace Metals50 g
RTC-CRM017-20GPowdered Paint 1 - Trace Metals20 g
RTC-CRM050-20GPowdered - Lead-Free Paint20 g
RTC-SQC074-50GPowdered Paint - Lead50 g
RTC-SQC075-100mLFree Liquids in Paint100 mL
NIST-RM-8680Paint on fiberboard - Leadeach
SCP-140-025-200Lead (Pb) in paint - Level 120 g
SCP-140-025-201Lead (Pb) in paint - Level 220 g
SCP-140-025-205Lead (Pb) and Cadmium in paint20 g