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NIST-39jBenzoic acid - Heat of combustion30 g
NIST-1656Thianthrene - Heat of combustion30 g
NIST-1657Synthetic refuse-derived fuel - Heat of combustion100 g
NIST-2152Urea25 g
RTC-SQC062-4x25MLOil - Heat of Combustion4 x 25 mL
CZ-SF-01-14Coal, Brown coal, CRM50 g
CZ-SF-02-14Coal, Black coal, CRM50 g
CZ-SF-03-14Coal, Black coal, CRM50 g
CZ-SF-04-14Coal, Black coal, CRM50 g
CZ-SF-05-14Coal, Coke, CRM50 g
CZ-SF-06-14Coal, Black coal, CRM50 g
CZ-SF-07-14Coal, Brown coal, CRM50 g