Larodan develops, manufactures and markets a comprehensive range of high quality, research grade Lipids for the international market.

Lipids are biologically important for energy storage and signalling and as structural components. Lipid related compounds are becoming increasingly relevant not only in bioscientific research and food science, but also in material engineering and traditional industry.

We manufacture lipids both by extraction and purification from natural sources and synthetically.

Our products are used in a number of fields within scientific research and product development as well as in industrial processes.

Our customers are involved in analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, biophysics, biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, nanotechnology as well as pharmaceutical product development and food science.

The applications for our lipids range from reference standard in molecular analysis to active ingredient in experiments or products.

Beside our standard products we make custom projects and special production.

We serve customers throughout the world, directly and in collaboration with highly competent distribution partners.

Our aim is to be the optimal partner for lipid related research, irrespective of the customer’s need or location.




3296 products

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32-1610-9Dipalmitolein (9c)100 mg
32-1613-71,3-Dipalmitolein25 mg
32-1620-71-Palmitin-3-Arachidin (rac)25 mg
32-1620-91-Palmitin-3-Arachidin100 mg
32-1650-7Dipalmitelaidin (9tr)25 mg
32-1653-71,3-Dipalmitelaidin25 mg
32-1654-111-Palmitin-3-Stearin250 mg
32-1654-71-Palmitin-3-Stearin25 mg
32-1654-91-Palmitin-3-Stearin100 mg
32-1655-111-Palmitin-3-Olein (rac)250 mg
32-1655-71-Palmitin-3-Olein25 mg
32-1655-91-Palmitin-3-Olein100 mg
32-1656-71-Palmitin-3-Linolein25 mg
32-1656-91-Palmitin-3-Linolein (rac)100 mg
32-1657-111-Palmitin-3-Laurin250 mg
32-1657-71-Palmitin-3-Laurin25 mg
32-1657-91-Palmitin-3-Laurin100 mg
32-1700-12Diheptadecanoin500 mg
32-1700-9Diheptadecanoin100 mg
32-1703-81,3-Diheptadecanoin50 mg
32-1800-12Distearin (Dioctadecanoin)500 mg
32-1800-13Distearin (Dioctadecanoin)1 g
32-1800-9Distearin (Dioctadecanoin)100 mg
32-1802-111,2-Distearin250 mg
32-1802-71,2-Distearin25 mg
32-1802-81,2-Distearin50 mg
32-1803-111,3-Distearin250 mg
32-1803-131,3-Distearin1 g
32-1803-71,3-Distearin25 mg
32-1803-81,3-Distearin50 mg
32-1803-91,3-Distearin100 mg
32-1810-12Diolein (9c)500 mg
32-1810-13Diolein (9c)1 g
32-1810-17Diolein (9c)10 g
32-1810-9Diolein (9c)100 mg
32-1813-111,3-Diolein250 mg
32-1813-121,3-Diolein500 mg
32-1813-71,3-Diolein25 mg
32-1816-71-Stearin-2-Palmitin (rac)25 mg
32-1820-12Dilinolein (9c,12c)500 mg
32-1820-13Dilinolein (9c,12c)1 g
32-1820-7Dilinolein (9c,12c)25 mg
32-1820-9Dilinolein (9c,12c)100 mg
32-1823-111,3-Dilinolein250 mg
32-1823-71,3-Dilinolein25 mg
32-1823-91,3-Dilinolein100 mg
32-1830-11Dilinolenin (9c, 12c, 15c)250 mg
32-1830-7Dilinolenin (9c, 12c, 15c)25 mg
32-1830-9Dilinolenin (9c, 12c, 15c)100 mg
32-1833-71,3-Dilinolenin25 mg
32-1833-91,3-Dilinolenin100 mg
32-1835-11Digamma linolenin (6c, 9c, 12c)250 mg
32-1835-29Digamma linolenin (6c, 9c, 12c)3 x 25 mg
32-1835-7Digamma linolenin (6c, 9c, 12c)25 mg
32-1837-291,3-Digamma linolenin3 x 25 mg
32-1837-71,3-Digamma linolenin25 mg
32-1841-51-Stearin-2-Arachidonin10 mg
32-1841-71-Stearin-2-Arachidonin25 mg
32-1843-71-Stearin-3-Arachidin25 mg
32-1850-7Dielaidin (9tr)25 mg
32-1850-9Dielaidin (9tr)100 mg
32-1853-71,3-Dielaidin25 mg
32-1853-91,3-Dielaidin100 mg
32-1854-111-Stearin-3-Olein250 mg
32-1854-71-Stearin-3-Olein25 mg
32-1854-91-Stearin-3-Olein100 mg
32-1855-71-Stearin-3-Linolein25 mg
32-1855-91-Stearin-3-Linolein100 mg
32-1860-29Dilinoelaidin (9tr, 12tr)3 x 25 mg
32-1860-7Dilinoelaidin (9tr, 12tr)25 mg
32-1863-291,3-Dilinoelaidin3 x 25 mg
32-1863-71,3-Dilinoelaidin25 mg
32-1890-71-Stearin-2-Laurin25 mg
32-1900-12Dinonadecanoin500 mg
32-1900-9Dinonadecanoin100 mg
32-1903-81,3-Dinonadecanoin50 mg
32-2000-12Diarachidin (Dieicosanoin)500 mg
32-2000-9Diarachidin (Dieicosanoin)100 mg
32-2003-81,3-Diarachidin50 mg
32-2010-7Dieicosenoin (11c)25 mg
32-2010-9Dieicosenoin (11c)100 mg
32-2033-71,3-Dieicosatrienoin (11Z,14Z,17Z)25mg
32-2040-29Diarachidonin (5c, 8c, 11c, 14c)3 x 25 mg
32-2040-7Diarachidonin (5c, 8c, 11c, 14c)25 mg
32-2043-291,3-Diarachidonin3 x 25 mg
32-2043-71,3-Diarachidonin25 mg
32-2050-71-Olein-3-Arachidin25 mg
32-2050-91-Olein-3-Arachidin100 mg

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